ABTECH in the news about the progress at the 800 City Tower in Louisville KY.  
We have been working on this project since June of 2015.  Working directly for the owners as well as the company responsible for remodeling the upper floors 24-30 completely new.  Friday WLKY featured the 800 City Tower in the News.
Project Details:
ABTECH has remodeled over 175 units in the building on Floors 2 – 27.  This work has been ongoing for the last 12 months.  We still have another 75 units to complete by the end of 2016.
ABTECH has wired completely New 61 units from Floors 24-28, which are all ready for new Tenants.
Electrical Service:
We added QTY (2) New 300A 480 Volt Feeds to the 26th Floor of the building to handle the new Apartment Electrical and Mechanical load on the building.  Also providing new Electrical Service in and on the Penthouse and Roof for the Pool, Lounge, Fitness Center and other Amenities on that floor.
Stay in touch with us as we bring you more information on this project.